This is the FAQ section which consists of questions I'm sometimes asked in emails. If you have a question to ask, check here first in case your question has already been asked and answered.

Where can I get DaiRugger XV episodes from?

Right now, the best chance you have of getting episodes would be to look for them on file-sharing networks. Don't ask me if you can get episodes from me as I have stopped trading them because I can no longer afford it.

Will DaiRugger XV ever be released on DVD?

I am happy to say yes, we will see DaiRugger XV on DVD. Media Blasters will be releasing the series on DVD next year with it's original Japanese audio and English subtitles. The impending DVD release is another reason why I have stopped trading episodes.

Was the Lion Voltron series originally "DaiRugger XV" as well?

No. The Lion Voltron series was dubbed from another Japanese series called "Hyaku Ju Oh Goraion".

So was the "Fleet Of Doom" Voltron crossover a GoLion & DaiRugger XV crossover?

No. "Fleet Of Doom" was made for Voltron only. The DaiRugger XV and GoLion series were never connected like Lion Voltron and Vehicle Voltron are.

Will you put up DaiRugger XV episodes for download?

No. I would love to but don't have the webspace or bandwith to host episodes.