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Figure 1 is the opening shot of the first episode of DXV, although I have no idea why it was excised from Voltron. Figure 2 is of Asimov (Newely), the Japanese text on-screen identifying him as Commander Dick Asimov. Figure 3 is of Aki (Jeff), Kiitsu (Krik) and Walter (Cliff) standing at one of the Rugger Guard's (Explorer) kitchen windows, looking out into space.

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Figure 4 is a close-up shot of Aki (Jeff), the text on-screen identifying him as Air Rugger Team Leader Aki Manubi. Figure 5 shows Kiitsu (Krik) and Walter (Cliff), the text on-screen identifying Walter (Cliff) as Ground Rugger Team Leader Walter Jack. Figure 6 is of Kiitsu(Krik) walking away from the window and towards the bar, the text on-screen indetifying him as Marine Rugger Team Leader Milanda Kiitsu.

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Figure 7, which wasn't cut from Voltron but was cropped to remove the Japanese text that's visible on-screen, shows Nagato (Hutch) accusing Izu (Marvin) of cheating at the card game they're playing. The Japanese text on-screen identifies Nagato (Hutch) as Nagato Kazuto. Figure 8 was cut from Voltron as in Voltron we never saw Hutch point at the cards he's holding in his hand. Figure 9, which takes place a few moments later, shows Nagato (Hutch) choke-holding Izu (Marvin) as they continue to fight.

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Figure 10 shows Izu (Marvin) choking Nagato (Hutch). Izu (Marvin) then proceeds to put his hands in the sides of Nagato's (Hutch) mouth and pulls them away from each other as hard as he can, hurting Nagato (Hutch), which is shown in Figure 11. Figure 12 was partially cut from Voltron as we never see Chucka (Hutch) come in to view on the far right.

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Figure 13 shows Barosu (Zandee) watching Izu (Marvin) and Nagato (Hutch) fighting on the floor, commenting that wrestling fans would be disappointed with the fight if they ever saw it. The Japanese text on-screen identifies him as Barosu Karateya. Figure 14 is of Kuroitsu (Wolo) making a remark about Barosu's (Zandee) comment. The Japanese text that appears on-screen identifies him as Shota Kuroitsu. In Figure 15, Kaga (Lisa) runs into frame to break up the fight, bumping in to Kuroitsu (Wolo) as he's about to take a sip of his drink, causing him to spill it.


320x240Fig 16640x480
Figure 16, which takes place during the scene where the crew take a break after the false alarm, shows Kai (Rocky), Katsu (Wolo) and Mutsu (Chip) making the most of their break in their quarters.


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Figure 17 wasn't cut from Voltron but was cropped to remove the Japanese text that's on-screen. The same applies for Figures 18 and 19, which is a rightwards panning shot, as Japanese text appears on-screen in the next shot (Figure 20, below), a shot that was cross-faded from Figures 19-18.

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Figure 20 wasn't cut from Voltron but was cropped to remove the Japanese text that's on-screen. Figures 21 is of the High Commander (Marshal Graham) during the meeting at the Earth Station (Galaxy Garrison). Figure 22 is just a close-up of the High Commander (Graham).

320x240Fig 23640x480
Figure 23, which shows the High Commander (Graham) telling his officers that the DaiRugger mission is to continue, wasn't cut from Voltron entirely. The shot is in Voltron, but we never get to see all of the right officer's (Commander Steele) face.


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Figure 24 shows Ise (Hawkins) riding a motorbike, having (amazingly) leapt straight off the Rugger Guard (Explorer). He then drives it right up to the camera in Figure 25 and stops. Figure 26 is simply of Ise (Hawkins) talking to several the Rugger team members as they are working.


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Figures 27 is of Aki (Jeff) removing his helmet, before coming in for a close-up in Figure 28. Figure 29 is of Walter (Cliff) removing his helmet.

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Figure 30 is a close-up of Walter (Cliff) after removing his helmet. Figure 31 shows Kiitsu (Krik) removing his helmet, followed by a close-up of him in Figure 32.

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Figure 33 is of Ise (Hawkins) as he watches the remains of the Combat Machine (Robeast) burn. Figure 34 is a close-up of Ise (Hawkins) from the same shot as Figure 33. Figure 35 is another close-up shot of Ise (Hawkins), wondering who was the enemy that the Rugger Guard (Explorer) and Rugger Teams (Voltron Force) just fought.

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