In this section, you will find a great deal of screenshots of footage that was cut from Vehicle Voltron. All the screenshots have been sorted by what episodes they came from, so click on the episode listings below to see the screenshots from those particular episodes.

All of the screenshots are available in two sizes: 320x240 and 640x480. The 320x240 screenshots are for 56K users who don't want to wait for pics to load, while the 640x480 screenshots are for broadband and higher users.

All the screenshots were taken from great quality copies of DaiRugger XV episodes that I have in my hands, which were recorded from the airings of the series on the TOEI digital channel in Japan a couple of years ago.

Ep01 -- In Search Of New Worlds
35 cuts

Ep02 -- First Day On A New World
12 cuts

Ep03 -- Building A New World
18 cuts

Ep04 -- Goodbye New World
26 cuts

Ep05 -- Try This World For Size
10 cuts

Ep06 -- A Storm Of Meteors
10 cuts

Ep07 -- Help Not Wanted
7 cuts

Ep08 -- Ghost Fleet From Another Planet
14 cuts

Ep09 -- A Very Short Vacation
19 cuts

Ep10 -- Planet Of The Bats
6 cuts

Ep11 -- A Temporary Truce
34 cuts

Ep12 -- Wolo's Lost World
14 cuts

Ep13 -- Planet Stop For Repairs
19 cuts

Ep14 -- A Curious Comet
13 cuts

Ep15 -- In The Enemy Camp
16 cuts

Ep16 -- Who's On First
50 cuts

Ep17 -- No, Who's On Second
10 cuts

Ep18 -- What's On First
3 cuts

Ep19 -- Great Stone Space Faces
7 cuts

Ep20 -- Defend The New World
16 cuts

Ep21 -- Meanwhile Back At Galaxy Garrison
25 cuts

Ep22 -- Nerok Scores Big
12 cuts

Ep23 -- Hazar On The Carpet
4 cuts

Ep24 -- Hazar Is Demoted
Coming soon!

Ep25 -- Just Like Earth
1 cuts

Ep26 -- The Planet Trap
6 cuts

Ep27 -- Save The Space Station
24 cuts

Ep28 -- Planet Of The Amazons
14 cuts

Ep29 -- Revolt Of The Slaves
24 cuts

Ep30 -- Raid On Galaxy Garrison
14 cuts

Ep31 -- Smashing The Meteor Barrier
11 cuts

Ep32 -- A Man-Made Sun
23 cuts

Non-Episode Cuts
63 cuts