320x240Fig 1640x480
As the Rugger Guard undergoes repairs, a Garrison officer (Carver) calls in to check on things (Figure1).


320x240Fig 2640x480

320x240Fig 3640x480

320x240Fig 4640x480
The Garrison space station's defense forces fight back when they come under Galbeston (Drule) attack. One gunner fires his three-barelled laser gun (Figure 2). An explosion rips through a rear section of a Garrison ship after it is shot at, killing several officers (Figure 3). An explosion rips through the console of another Garrison ship, killing the two officers at the helm (Figure 4).

320x240Fig 5640x480

320x240Fig 6640x480

320x240Fig 7640x480
After several Garrison attack ships launch from the space station, they fly into formation, one of them gliding into view (Figure 5). Several of the ships explode after being shot at (Figure 6). In one of the ships, the pilot realises what is about to happen to him (Figure 7) ...

320x240Fig 8640x480

320x240Fig 9640x480

320x240Fig 10640x480
and is unable to do anything when explosions rip through his cockpit, killing him (Figure 8). In what appears to be either a cel layering error or editing error on the DXV editors' part, a space station laser gun powers up and eventually fires, a transparent shot of the same laser gun placed over the firing gun (Figure 9). Courtesy of the Combat Machine (Robeast), an explosion tears through a section of the space station, killing two Garrison officers (Figure 10).

320x240Fig 11640x480

320x240Fig 12640x480

320x240Fig 13640x480
A small explosion at his console knocks a space station gunner out of his seat (Figure 11). The gunner meets his fate when the Combat Machine (Robeast) destroys his laser turret (Figure 12). When the Combat Machine (Robeast) breaks breaks through the space station, he is greeted by an armed and firing welcoming commitee. The Combat Machine (Robeast) takes out the first three officers by blasting and destroying the balcony they are on, killing them (Figure 13).

320x240Fig 14640x480

320x240Fig 15640x480

320x240Fig 16640x480
The Combat Machine (Robeast) proceeds to destroy a docked Garrison ship, the resulting explosion knocking two officers back, but it's not clear if they are killed or not (Figure 14). The Combat Machine (Robeast) moves further into the space station but comes across another group of Garrison officers who are trying to stop him from progressing. The Combat Machine (Robeast) opens fire on them, killing the fleeing officers in an explosion (Figure 15). Other officers attempt to stop the Galbeston (Drule) robot monster with their laser rifles, which are ineffective. The Combat Machine (Robeast) returns fire (Figure 16) ...

320x240Fig 17640x480

320x240Fig 18640x480

320x240Fig 19640x480
... and engulfs the officers in a huge fireball, killing them (Figure 17). Another officer meets his fate when a large chunk of debris falls on him, crushing him to death (Figure 18). Two officers inside the reactor meet their deaths when their control panel explodes thanks to laser fire from the Combat Machine (Robeast) (Figure 19).


320x240Fig 20640x480

320x240Fig 21640x480

320x240Fig 22640x480
Explosions rip through the bridge of Rocket's (Nerok) ship (Figure 20). The force of another explosion, courtesy of two space station rockets, sends him flying into the air (Figure 21). Engulfed in flames, Rocket (Nero) flails about (Figure 22) ...

320x240Fig 23640x480

320x240Fig 24640x480
... and screams as he burns to death (Figure 23). His flame-engulfed ship falls towards the space station (Figure 24), which eventually crashes and explodes.

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