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Figure 1 wasn't cut from Voltron per se, but it shows Asimov (Newely) looking over his shoulder at the officer (Cross) on the left who rose out of his seat, which was trimmed from Voltron. Figure 2 shows another shot of Asimov looking over his shoulder at the officer (Cross) and Ise (Hawkins). Figure 3 is of Asimov (Newely) in the ship that is transferring him away from the Rugger Guard (Explorer), his eyes closed and in deep thought.


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Figure 4 shows Telesu (Hazar) at his desk in his quarters, Dorick (Mongo) partially visible in the shot. Figure 5 is a long off shot of the two of them.


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Figure 6 shows a Galbeston (Drule) ship departing from the planet. Figure 7 is an interior shot of the ship's bridge, the commanding officer (Nerok) standing at the captain's seat. Figure 8 is of the officer (Nerok) with his arms folded.

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Figure 9 is a close-up of the officer's (Nerok) face. Figure 10 is an extreme close-up of his face, a sparkle glinting from his eye.

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