320x240Fig 1640x480
When the Rugger teams are called into action, Mutsu (Chip) steps out of his quarters and lets off a yawn and stretches (Figure 1), seemingly having been woken from a nap. The shot was probably cut from Voltron due to a missing animation cel of the inside of Mutsu's (Chip) quarters.


320x240Fig 2640x480

320x240Fig 3640x480

320x240Fig 4640x480
After busting the three slaves plotting, the Galbeston (Drule) guard hits one of them in the neck with the butt of his rifle (Figure 2), knocking him aside. Another slave is then whacked up the chin with the butt of the rifle (Figure 3), which sends him falling backwards (Figure 4).

320x240Fig 5640x480

320x240Fig 6640x480

320x240Fig 7640x480
The chin-hit slave manages to sit up, blood bleeding from his mouth (Figure 5). When the third slave (Gene) charges toward the guard, he fires his laser rifle (Figure 6). The slave's (Gene) face forms a look of shock, realising he's been shot (Figure 7)

320x240Fig 8640x480

320x240Fig 9640x480

320x240Fig 10640x480
The laser blast rips through the slave's (Gene) body (Figure 8). The other two slaves can only watch on in horror (Figures 9 & 10).

320x240Fig 11640x480

320x240Fig 12640x480

320x240Fig 13640x480
The shot slave (Gene) falls backwards in slow-motion (Figure 11) and ends up hitting the wall behind him (Figure 12). The shot slave (Gene) remains standing for several seconds (Figure 13) but eventually crumbles to the ground, dead.

320x240Fig 14640x480

320x240Fig 15640x480

320x240Fig 16640x480
Angered by the slave's (Gene) death, the slave on the ground retaliates by sweep-kicking the Galbeston (Drule) guard (Figure 14), knocking him to the ground (Figure 15). After the two surviving slaves exit the room, the camera pans down and shows the dead guard and dead slave (Gene) (Figure 16).


320x240Fig 17640x480

320x240Fig 18640x480

320x240Fig 19640x480
When the slaves revolt against their captors, the Galbestons (Drules) open fire on them. One slave is shot and falls backwards (Figure 17). Another slave is then shot in the back (Figure 18). When the other slaves see this, they charge towards the off-screen shooter (Figure 19).

320x240Fig 20640x480

320x240Fig 21640x480

320x240Fig 22640x480
One of the charging slaves is hit in the back (Figure 20). Another charging slave is hit in the stomach (Figure 21). As his body falls backward, the shot freezes and changes to black and white (Figure 22).


320x240Fig 23640x480
The commanding Galbeston (Drule) officer hangs on for dear life as his ship is being destroyed (Figure 23). I think the animators forgot to insert cels of the ship's interior and accompanying explosions in this shot.


320x240Fig 24640x480
When the closing shot of the episode, which is of Aki (Jeff) running, freezes and the colour changes to red, the camera does a brief close-up on him (Figure 24), which was trimmed from Voltron.

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