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320x240Fig 3640x480
Figures 1 to 3 is a panning shot inside Telesu's (Hazar) quarters.

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320x240Fig 5640x480

320x240Fig 6640x480
Figure 4 shows Telesu (Hazar) with his back to two of his officers. Figure 5 shows several more officers in the shot. Figure 6 shows part of Telesu's (Hazar) face as the officer over his shoulder speaks.

320x240Fig 7640x480

320x240Fig 8640x480

320x240Fig 9640x480
Figure 7 is a close-up of the back of Telesu's (Hazar) head. Figure 8 is a medium shot of him looking at the painting on the wall. Figure 9 shows him looking at the off-screen officers.

320x240Fig 10640x480

320x240Fig 11640x480

320x240Fig 12640x480
In Figure 10, Telesu (Hazar) speaks. Figure 11 is of Telesu (Hazar) still speaking to his officers. Figure 12 shows an angry Telesu (Hazar) after his officers leave his quarters.


320x240Fig 13640x480
Figure 13 is of Kaga (Lisa) outside after the chat in the Rugger Guard's (Explorer) dining area.

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