320x240Fig 1640x480
Figure 1 is of several Rugger Fleet ships in stationary orbit above the planet.


320x240Fig 2640x480

320x240Fig 3640x480

320x240Fig 4640x480
Figure 2 shows several Galbeston (Drule) officers and Telesu (Hazar) at his desk in his quarters. Figure 3 is a close-up of two officers. Figure 4 is another shot of Telesu (Hazar) and the officers at the desk.

320x240Fig 5640x480

320x240Fig 6640x480

320x240Fig 7640x480
Figure 5 shows two officers walking away. The camera than starts zooming in on Telesu (Hazar) in Figure 6. In Figure 7, the off-screen video monitor on Telesu's (Hazar) desk attracts his attention.

320x240Fig 8640x480

320x240Fig 9640x480

320x240Fig 10640x480
Figure 8 is of the video monitor, which is displaying the face of a Galbeston (Drule) officer. In Figure 9, Telesu (Hazar) gives the officer an order before the monitor is turned off. He then lies down in his seat in Figure 10 starts thinking to himself with his eyes closed.


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320x240Fig 12640x480

320x240Fig 13640x480
Figure 11 wasn't cut from Voltron per se, but it shows the background officer with his head turned and speaking, which was trimmed from Voltron. Figure 12 is an interior shot of a Galbeston (Drule) ship. Figure 13 wasn't cut from Voltron per se either, but it shows Walter (Cliff) and Kiitsu (Krik) nodding at the off-screen Aki (Jeff), the nodding trimmed from Voltron.


320x240Fig 14640x480

320x240Fig 15640x480
Figure 14 is a profile shot of Ise (Hawkins) after arriving in a Drule (Galbeston) ship for the meeting. The camera then pans rightwards to what is Figure 15, which is a profile shot of Dorick (Mongo), whom Ise (Hawkins) has come to meet.


320x240Fig 16640x480
Figure 16, which was trimmed from Voltron, show's the ships crew reacting when the Combat Machine (Robeast) closes in on their ship.

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