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Figure 1 is of an officer in the engine room barking an order just before the Rugger Guard's (Explorer) engines are shut down. Figure 2 shows Aki (Jeff) looking out the window as his team mates walk up to him. Figure 3 is a close-up of Patti (Ginger) talking to an off-screen (Aki).

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320x240Fig 6640x480
Figure 4 shows Aki (Jeff) listening to Patti (Ginger). Figure 5 is a close-up shot of Aki's (Jeff) video monitor in his vehicle shortly after the Rugger teams launch, Patti (Ginger) visible on the monitor's screen. Figure 6 is a close-up of Kai (Rocky) making a comment about something.

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320x240Fig 8640x480
Figure 7 is a close-up of Patti (Ginger). Figure 8 is a medium shot of Aki (Jeff).


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320x240Fig 11640x480
Figure 9 is a shot of Ise (Hawkins) yelling something to Aki (Jeff) after the Combat Machine (Robeast) is launched. Figure 10 is of Patti (Ginger) being startled by how close the Combat Machine (Robeast) has come to DaiRugger. Figure 10 is a close-up of the Combat Machine (Robeast).


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Figure 12 shows a Galbeston (Drule) ship appearing from the left against a completely black background. Figure 13 is a close-up of Kiitsu's (Krik) face at the end of Ise's (Hawkins) speech. Figure 14 shows the Galbeston (Drule) ship moving further along.

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320x240Fig 17640x480
Figure 15 is a close-up of Walter's (Cliff) face. Fugure 16 shows the Galbeston (Drule) ship still moving along. Figure 17 shows the back of Aki's (Jeff) feet and legs as he runs across the Rugger Guard's (Explorer) outer deck as rain pelts down.

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320x240Fig 19640x480
Figure 18 is a medium close-up of Aki (Jeff) running across the Rugger Guard's (Explorer) deck. He then runs toward the camera in Figure 19.

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