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Figure 1 is a long-off shot of the Rugger Guard (Explorer) as it travels through space. Figure 2, which was trimmed from Voltron, is of Aki (Jeff) and the Rugger Guard's (Explorer) doctor (Professor Page). Figure 3 is another shot of Aki (Jeff) and the doctor (Page) which was also trimmed from Voltron.


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Figure 4 shows a Galaxy Garrison ship bearing the brunt of laser fire. In Figure 5, one of the ship's consoles explodes, killing the officer stationed there. Figure 6 shows an explosion ripping through the cockpit of another ship, killing the crew.

320x240Fig 7640x480
Figure 7 is a shot of the Garrison fleet commander as animated flames ripple in front of him, signifying his impending death.


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Figure 8 shows Chakka (Modok) talking to the off-screen Moya (Cinda) before she is pulled under water. In Figure 9, Chakka (Modok) is about to dive under water. Figure 10 shows Nagato (Hutch) and Izu (Marvin) pulling Moya (Cinda) down.


320x240Fig 11640x480
Figure 11, which was trimmed from Voltron, is a close-up of Ise (Hawkins) talking.


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Figure 12 shows Ise (Hawkins) with his hands clenched into fists. He then throws a punch, as seen in Figure 13, his fist connecting with Aki's face in Figure 14, sending him reeling back and crashing into a table.

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Figure 15 shows Aki (Jeff) against the table he reeled into. In Figure 16, Walter (Cliff) and Kiitsu (Krik) come in between Ise (Hawkins) and Aki (Jeff) to stop Ise (Hawkins) from throwing anymore blows. A partially visible Patti (Ginger) can be seen attending to Aki (Jeff). In Figure 17, which takes place a few seconds after Ise (Hawkins) leaves the room, Aki (Jeff) scowls at himself in annoyance and leaves the room as well.

320x240Fig 18640x480
Figure 18 shows Patti (Ginger) stepping into frame and watching Aki (Jeff) leave the room.


320x240Fig 19640x480
Figure 19 is a static painting shot of Aki (Jeff) and Patti (Ginger) when the two surviving supply ships arrive.

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