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Figure 1 shows the Rugger Guard's (Explorer) laundry lady complaining about the laundry being dumped on her. This shot wasn't cut from Voltron, but the misspelling of the word "laundry" above the lady's head was optically smeared out in Voltron. Figure 2 wasn't cut from Voltron per se, but it shows the controller on the right speaking, which was trimmed from Voltron.


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Figure 3 shows two officers happily eating their dinner. Figure 4 shows water from the ocean clashing against a mountainous bank, part of the planet's red moon visible behind it. Figure 5 wasn't cut from Voltron per se, but it shows the officer on the left with his fork in his mouth, which was trimmed from Voltron.

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Figure 6 shows the ocean water drifting up to the beach. Figure 7 shows an officer falling back after being shot by attacking Galbeston (Drule) ships.


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Figure 8 is of a few officers running down one of the Rugger Guard (Explorer) corridors prior to the scene of the Rugger team members in the kitchen.


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Figure 9 shows several Galbeston (Drule) ships flying upwards and firing at an off-screen ship. Their laser shots penetrate the floor of a Garrison ship, which is shown in Figure 10. An explosion then rips through the floor, as seen in Figure 11, killing the crew members.

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Figure 12 shows several officers looking down at the floor of the base, realising what is about to happen. An explosion then rips through the floor in Figure 13. Figure 14 shows the lead officer (Cross) being engulfed in flames, killing him.

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Figure 15 is of an explosion ripping through the base after the lead officer's (Cross) death. Figure 16 is a close-up of Aki (Jeff) in his vehicle as the episode comes to a close.

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