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The episode opens with a shot of the Earth (Figure). The camera does a slow pull-back before the shot cross-fades to debris floating in space (Figures 2 & 3), which turns out to be the remains of a Garrison space station.

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In another shot of the space station remains, two large pieces of debris drifts towards the camera (Figure 4). This shot wasn't cut from Voltron per se, but it was trimmed down as we never see the drifting debris emerge from the battered space station.


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The fleeing Garrison recon ship is shot by the Galbeston (Drule) ships as it attempts to escape (Figure 5).


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The Galbeston (Drule) invasion of Earth begins when they open fire on the Garrison defences in space. An explosion rips through the bridge of the first Garrison ship that is shot, killing the crew (Figure 6). A Garrison commander aboard another ship orders the fleet to return fire (Figure 7). An explosion blasts through the bridge of a Galbeston (Drule) ship, killing the crew (Figure 8).

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As the Combat Machine (Robeasts) attacks one of the Garrison ships, it's crew can only watch on in horror as their ship is being destroyed (Figures 9 & 10). Aboard a Garrison ship on Earth, a strong gust of wind sweeps through the bridge when it's penetrated (Figure 11).

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An explosion then rips through, killing the crew (Figures 12 & 13). Moments later, Garrison reinforcements are seen arriving (Figure 14). This shot wasn't cut from Voltron but was trimmed to eliminate the on-screen Japanese text.

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