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Figure 1 is a scenic shot of the new planet.


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320x240Fig 4640x480
Figure 2 is a close-up of the beast. Figure 3 shows Kuroitsu's (Wolo) brother throwing his spear. Figure 4 shows Kuroitsu (Wolo) standing his ground.

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320x240Fig 7640x480
Figure 5 shows Kuroitsu (Wolo) being grabbed and pulled up by the beast. Figure 6 shows the beast bringing Kuroitsu (Wolo) up to his face. Figure 7 shows a spear embedded in the beast's eye, which was thrown by Kuroitsu's (Wolo) brother.

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320x240Fig 10640x480
Figure 8 shows a close-up of Kuroitsu's (Wolo) brother's face, now dead from injuries he sustained after being thrown to the ground by the beast. Figure 9 is a close-up of Kuroitsu (Wolo) looking at his dead brother. Figure 10 shows a crying Kuroitsu (Wolo) embracing his brother's body.

**Note: all the flashback pics above were taken from several flashback scenes and not from one whole flashback sequence. I bundled them together here because there were no other cuts to the episode in between the flashback scenes that the above pics came from**


320x240Fig 11640x480
Figure 11 is an extreme close-up of the back of Kuroitsu's (Wolo) vehicle as it's engines ignites.


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320x240Fig 13640x480

320x240Fig 14640x480
Figure 12 shows Kuroitsu (Wolo) standing by his dead brother's body. Figure 13 shows Kuroitsu (Wolo) walking through the forest. Figure 14 wasn't cut from Voltron per se, but it was trimmed to remove the Japanese text on-screen, the trim resulting in the Rugger Guard (Explorer) not being fully visible in Voltron.

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