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The Galbeston (Drule) fleet leader's body rattles about (Figure 1) as a fatal explosion starts destroying his ship (Figure 2). The shot of his ship being destroyed was in Voltron, but for some reason the start of the explosion was trimmed out.


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As the heavily battered Garrison ship continues it's course through the deadly meteor field, it comes into contact with another mined meteor which destroys what appears to be one of the ship's smaller wings (Figure 3). A group of officers inside the ship bears the force of the explosion (Figure 4). As the ship is about to explode completely, flames flare up in front of the ship's commander's face (Figure 5).

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Having cleared a path for the DaiRugger team, the battered Garrison ship begins to succumb to the damage it has sustained (Figure 6) and seconds later blows up completely (Figure 7). Powerful glares from the massive explosion is reflected on DaiRugger (Figure 8) ...

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... and the Rugger Guard (Explorer) (Figure 9). When the DaiRugger team finds the Galbeston (Drule) space headquarters, a close-up panning shot of Aki's (Jeff) eyes is shown with "reflected" flames symbolically visible on them (Figures 10 & 11).

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