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DaiRugger stands poised, ready to attack the Galbeston (Drule) space headquarters (Figure 1). After making their way into the Galbeston (Drule) space headquarters and destroying several inoperative Combat Machines (Robeasts), the Aki Rugger is shot at by several enemy soldiers who appear on an upper level balcony. The Walter Rugger returns fire, causing an explosion that sends the soldiers flying (Figure 2). After the DaiRugger team progress further into the Galbeston (Drule) space headquarters, they come across several more enemy soldiers on the ground. The soldiers fire at the just off-screen Kiitsu Rugger, but the Kiitsu Rugger returns fire (Figure 3) ...

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320x240Fig 6640x480
... killing the soldiers in an explosion (Figure 4). Several other soldiers attempt to shoot down the Kiitsu and Aki Ruggers (Figure 5). The Aki Rugger sets itself down on the ground next to the Kiitsu Rugger (Figure 6).

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320x240Fig 9640x480
When Aki (Jeff) realises in-coming Galbeston (Drule) soldiers are about to shoot, he pushes Kaga (Lisa) out of harm's way and is shot in the arm (Figure 7). As blood flows from the wound he begins to stagger backwards (Figure 8) and eventually falls to the floor (Figure 9).


320x240Fig 10640x480

320x240Fig 11640x480
Aboard patrol skiffs, Aki (Jeff) and several of his DaiRugger team mates are still en route to their target location (Figure 10). This shot wasn't cut from Voltron per se but was trimmed down. Outside the Galbeston (Drule) space headquarters, a Garrison ship fires two rockets (Figure 11) as the battle between the Galbestons (Drule) and Garrison ships continue.


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320x240Fig 14640x480
The massive series of explosions caused by Aki (Jeff) and his team mates carries on through the Galbeston (Drule) space headquarters and eventually finds it's way to the command centre when it blasts through a console panel, killing the officer stationed at it (Figure 12). When another officer attempts to flee to safety via the main entrance, Keyzor's DXV counterpart hears an explosion outside the room and turns his body to the direction of the room entrance (Figure 13) and sees flames starting to pour into the room as the fleeing officer is still attempting to escape (Figure 14).

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320x240Fig 17640x480
The flames then tear through, engulfing the fleeing officer (Figure 15). Keyzor's DXV counterpart reacts in horror as he realises what is about to happen to him (Figure 16), green glare covering his face as the flames reach closer to him (Figure 17).

320x240Fig 18640x480

320x240Fig 19640x480
The flames engulf Keyzor's DXV counterpart's body (Figure 18) and he falls backwards and eventually out of frame as flames continue to tear through (Figure 19), meeting his demise off-screen.


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320x240Fig 22640x480
A sparkle of light appears by the Garrison officer's (Carver) face as his downed ship is about to meet it's demise (Figure 20). Aki (Jeff) can only watch on as the Galbeston (Drule) space headquarters begins to break apart (Figure 21), subsequently taking the lives of the officer (Carver) and his crew. When the Galbeston (Drule) space headquarters explodes in to plumes of fireballs, a transparent shot of the Garrison officer (Carver) appears among the devastation, signifying his death (Figure 22).

320x240Fig 23640x480
One last explosion erupts from the Galbeston (Drule) space headquarters before it's completely destroyed (Figure 23).

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