Kikou Kantai DaiRugger XV (Armoured Armada DaiRugger XV) is an animated series that aired in Japan in 1982. It ran for only one season and comprised of 52 episodes. The series, which was not popular in Japan, was later dubbed into the successful Voltron -- Defender Of The Universe Vehicle Force series.

When DaiRugger XV -- commonly referred to as DXV in the Voltron fandom -- was dubbed into Voltron, certain elements were changed and some footage was excised, mostly shots that contained violence or visuals that were not suitable for children.

This website covers the various differences between DaiRugger XV and Voltron, and has a plethora of screenshots of cut footage and will soon have several video clips of scenes that were excised from Voltron.

Because Kikou Kantai DaiRugger XV is in Japanese and I don't understand the language, some information on this site may be incorrect. All information pertaining to DaiRugger XV I got from various sources, including several fansubbed DXV episodes, unverified information from some visitors, reliable translations of the opening and closing sequences from someone who understands Japanese, and info from other sites.

Hope you enjoy the site and keep on visiting!

Last update: Thursday June 7, 2007

Added cut pics from Episodes 31 and 32.